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Saturday, October 10, 2009

And yet I'm still in Onterrible....

I have a woman, with children, in my life now. Really put a change to the plans I'd had for so long. To move to Newfoundland and open a hostel. It is always a possibility in the future, just not in the near future.

So what's to happen with the Rock Hostel then?

Good question. Anyone want a solid business plan?

A great deal of research and time went into the plan. I can almost guarantee success. I won't but I could almost. What my intention is, really, is to find someone to move out there and start it with my distant consultation. So if anyone wants to move to Newfoundland let me know. I can get you started into a business with growth potential. If not, then I'll do it when the time is right.


  1. so what is happening with the rock hostel?

  2. Are you still looking for a business partner?

  3. Not much at the moment. My business plan is for sale, so to speak. I have ownership of the web domains too. Circumstances have put an indefinite delay to the plan but my desire to do or be a part of still exists. It'll just be a while

  4. Am I still looking for a partner? Um, ya I guess. I'm looking for the right partner. It's tricky. If I feel I've found the right person, then I would look at a partnership. My business plan is pretty important to me and I put several years of work into it so I am protective of it. What is your interest here? Where do you currently live? What are your experiences? Where have you travelled?