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Monday, January 30, 2006


My house, and I say MY b/c I wanted it so bad and was almost there in owning it, was bought out from underneath me. The Real Estate agent didn't even let me know. What a jerk. She had my deposit still, knew that I really wanted the house and was working on the purchase (with a friend).
She never seemed all that concerned with my interests though. She is of course working for the seller and not the buyer. But as the buyer you'd think she would be encouraging the process to get it sold. Whatever.

I now have another place in mind. Only a few thousand more and not a house but commercial property which will allow for me to apply for Gov't aid in starting my business. And once again the real estate agent is not responding to my efforts of making contact. What is it with these people?

My close friend has reviewed my business plan, made a great deal of suggestions and changes. In applying them the plan becomes more solid.

I was going to move out east by the 31st of March but the omens seem to point to staying put for a bit longer and enabling the business to become more financially sound and therefore more successful from the gate.

Somebody write back please. I am looking for feedback to get my hostel going successfully.


  1. Great to hear that there will be new hostel on Newfoundland's west coast. Are you ready to release any more details?

  2. Not really. Through the research I've done I've found a great deal of information that will support my idea and shows the trends of the western Region's tourism. I really want to be the one to do this, so I don't want anyone taking the idea before I have the ball actually rolling. Once I've started it will be easier for me to protect the ideas.