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Thursday, April 06, 2006

August 28th then the New Year.

I have figured out ahead over the next year, finances, events, job potential, etc and it seems the best time for me to leave Banff will be the last week of August. I made the decision based on a caving event down in West Virginia. Only a 10 hour drive, held during Labour Day weekend and one helluva good time with great people. Then go back to Onterrible to see the change of the leaves in fall. The other benfit is the extended summer. Here in Banff we have two seasons, winter and July. By the endof August the leaves are falling, and so is starting at higher elevations. Summer in Ontario lasts well into September during the day, anyways. So, this goes to say an extended summer.

Then for the business advantage of being that much closer to Newfoundland so if necessary I can fly there in an afternoon from Toronto. Phone calls won't have to take place in the wee hours of the morning b/c of time difference.

Luckily me friends are getting married August 5th here in Banff and coincidentally driving back to Shwagissauga around the same time I was planning to go. (When they leave, I will have no close friends left here). It may work out that we share a rental truck and drive across together. I may even try to convince them to come to OTR as guests.

I worry about my plans though. Every time I make them they fall through. I think I deserve these plans to follow through though. I have been working two jobs for the past two years, paid off an incredible amount of debt and even volunteering for the opportunity to gain more experience with running my business. I am due for something good to happen to me, beyond winning 10$ in the lottery. I have been breaking even for the last year or so rather than being down at the bottom, which used to be the case. My request is that I catch a break so that I can finish off the last of this debt, move to Newfoundland and start the Backpackers Hostel. I'm going to make it happen although I'm scared as hell. I expect it will be hard work. I can do it.

I had something else to say but I forget. What age does to the mind....

oh ya after five months in Onterrible I plan to head to the Rock and work towards opening in the spring of 2007. Keep checking for more details as they get worked out.

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