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Monday, October 09, 2006

The anticipation is killing me!

I'm leaving Banff to begin my journey of starting my hostel. But rather than going straight to Newfoundland, I am going to take advantage of my location within Canada to some western traveling. I am due for a hitchhiking journey.

My itinerary is as follow; next Monday at the latest I will be thumbing up to Jasper and then heading to the west coast town of Prince Rupert. Now how I get there hasn't been determined yet. It's kinda gunna be a surprise at the whim of the omens. If my destiny sees fit I will be hopping train, hopefully the right one. Most trains go to Vancouver from Prince George but there are those that go to PR. I read about someone making a similar trip in June of this year. It is feasible but not necessarily always possible. Otherwise, by thumb.

A while back I made a list of the personal feats I wish to accomplish in my life time. Nothing to extravagant but ones that mean something. Going to PR will make possible one of these. I am going to take the ferry to the Haida G'waii (more commonly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands) and hike up the East Beach to a cabin I once stayed at with a good friend in the middle of a Pacific winter storm. (I have pictures of it on my hard drive but it's packed now) I want to go to do some work on it. It's a hippy cabin that is free to use by anyone who goes there. So I'd like to go to contribute and enjoy.

Following the ferry ride back in a few days I will take the ferry up Alaska's inside passage to Skagway. For that I shall definitely have photos. Then on to Whitehorse until the end of November when I drive from Calgary to Onterrible.

This is my last week in Banff. It's been a fun run but I don't think I can stay here much longer. I have become disenfranchised with the commercialism at the expense of community, environment and the National Park as a whole. Too much government bureaucracy. I hope to use this traveling opportunity to conduct research for my hostel too. I will be staying at some hostels along the route, taking pictures, running over ideas in my head, making notes, etc. I sincerely believe that my hostel is needed and will be viable (unless of course, world events lead us into a hell in a hand basket situation and then nobody will travel anywhere.)

So wish me luck, leave my your comments or send me an email. I hope to see you all someday again soon, visiting me in Newfoundland of course.

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