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Friday, October 13, 2006

The journey has finally begun, its hard leaving Banff...

As departure day arrived I was getting sad. Sad in the realization that I am leaving Banff. Most likely for the last time. And I was afraid about taking on this trip. I*ve been wanting to get to work on my hostel for a long time now as many people know. So much so that people I haven*t seen for a while ask me when I am opening, haven*t I left yet, etc.

After dropping off my bike and my barracks box at the Bus Depot, I left @ 1105h for the Trans Canada Highway. Away I go...

I was there at the ramp about 15 minutes later. It was an hour and a half before I got a ride. I have to admit I was getting pretty bored standing there. So I was battig stones trying to hit the wildlife fence. So at about 1252h, I got a ride to Lake Louise with some Spanish tour guides that were meeting clients for lunch. They dropped me at the highway exit before they continued into the village. I donned my two packs, which at 75lbs may seen alot but they felt quite light. It was hot though. Acoording to my thermometer, it was about 18 degrees. Not bad for October but tough for hitchhiking. No sympathies when the weather is nice. It*s gotta be cold and-or raining. My gut told me to stay by the Pipestone campground turn out. Street lights and still accesible to the HI if need be. At this point I remembered that I was carrying some tobacco with me for offerings to Mother Earth and the Great Spirit. So I said a little prayer of thanks and blessings. I had not even put the tobacco away that a pickup pulled over. He wasn*t going to Jasper but he would take me to the turn off. And what was really wierd, he had a braid of sweetgrass and a sage bundle on his dash board. The Great Spirit works in mysterious ways. He dropped me of just below here (this is where I just came from) looking south back towards Mt. Temple.

Around 1410h, another pickup stopped. He said he*d get me to Jasper but he was headed to Kamloops. Ummm, wrong turn buddy. You*re headed north now, not west. My misfortune but I set him on the right road and here I waited for another hour and a half. I kept reminding myslef that this journey will unfold as it is meant to. That is to say, when I really need a ride, I will get it. If I truly need a place to sleep, it will be there. I will be where, have exactly, and wait for what as is destined. This is not to say that there is no effort required on my part. I still have to walk, stick out my sign, pay, etc. So the question remains, when the hell am I getting my ride? Kidding.

I did get a ride to Saskatchewan crossing and two minutes later to Jasper where I got dropped right to the Jasper Inernational Hostel. All in all a good day. I got to where I figured I would. So today I think that I will head west. I have to be in Prince Rupert by the 19th. Please leave comments someone, anyone. Messages. So I know that you are reading. Wish me luck.

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