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Monday, October 16, 2006

For the time being...

Good morning Everyone. All is well. I am in Smithers, B.C. I had a bit of a downer getting through Prince George but I only spent one night there so it isn't all bad. Both the hostel and the National Hotel (which use to offer hostel bed rates) have closed. It was raining. I walked a very long distance. It was a bit disappointing. I stopped into Tim's to refresh, centre myself, eat some chili with garlic toast. A short cab ride later I was in an area that I could set up camp and get some shut eye. The ride to Prince George was actually pretty good. Two rides. First with a lady going back to The Island after working as a cook in Grand Prairie I think. We stopped at the border of Mount Robson Prov. Park for this photo. The Rockies highest peak.

But must back up a bit. I kicked around Jasper town for a bit in the morning, bought some meat, apples and a bagel for lunch. I then walked along the train tracks in hopes of jumping a train. The whole time I walked, stopped, ate some lunch and packed up one train went by. That's when I went to highway that headed west. It was there that the nice lady above picked me to get me further along, past the Valemount interchange. She was a nice lady, talked about all sorts of stuff. Loves Mount Robson so she stopped.

I walked from the interchange to a middle of nowhere gas stop. Not far, maybe a click up. Now the traffic was thinned quite a bit so I thought for sure that I was sleeping out here. No worries. Pay phone if I needed and a place to get water. My only concern is that I'll get eaten by some carnivore. The only thing eating me though was the blackflies. Holy crap. It's October and there are blackflies. The people passing must have thought I was crazy, swinging my sign and arms around, trying to swat the little buggers away from me. If only they could hear the profanity. This is the view heading through the real nowhere of the #16 highway of which there is nothing between McBride and Prince George. This guy, Don, is a Newfoundlander. Born out by Placentia Bay. He looked like he could be from my Dad's side of the family. He left me at the highway leading to Quesnel(where he was headed) and I walked the thousand miles in to PG.

Gotta run now, I just wanted to post a picture of the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful. I've been sleeping outside in the fresh air. Waking up early. This morning I decided that I was going to relax a bit though. To take in the scenery and the atmosphere of this quanit little town in Northern B.C. My trip into Smithers has been one of good omens, good karma and really nice people. The mountains are dusted in fresh snow (from the recent rain fall I presume). I am limited to how far I feel like walking as I have two packs. The reason for the extra pack and the dry goods to eat is for when I get to the Haida G'waii (Queen Charlottes). Once I am done that trip I will be much lighter. But I will try to enjoy this as much as possible. In other words, focus less on where I am try to get to and more on where I am. You should too. You will enjoy life more.

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