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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Did Juneau I'm in Alaska, main? Ya, Juneau.

I don't have pictures with me for Juneau at this moment. And this is another computer that has it in for me. I can't upload pictures. I really find this frustrating.

What a great cruise up the Alaskan Inside Passage. Pretty inexpensive for the ferry ride, 200$ US. We left early in the day, all through the night and arrived in Juneau at 1:00pm. On Thurs night, I saw a humpback whale breaching just below Ketchikan, AK. What a lucky sighting. You really have to be looking in the right spot at the right time for the whales. I missed some sightings of orcas, but caught plenty of Doll's porpises. Hundreds. As you get close to the mammals, they dive deep and go far. They don't seem to like big boats. Who can blame them? It's been awesome. I met really nice people, pointing out neat things. Chris gave me a drive to downtown Juneau, a 14mile trek from the ferry with no bus service. The hostel is pretty good. Clean. Very strict though. A 10:30pm curfew and you can't be here from 9-5, at all. You are locked out. A great enforcer to get out and do stuff. I went hiking as soon as I got here and today I went touring around historical buildings, museums, and I went to the Alaskan Brewery Company. What can I say? I love touring breweries. It's the tasting I love most though. Tomorrow I leave for Skagway. I've been the only one here for a week or so. Tonight a man has shown up for the night. He's taking the ferry early in the morning so I will get a ride. Otherwise it would have been $30US. Some people do not realize how lucky they are in life. I...I am really lucky. Sometimes I truly expect to be killed, die or run down or something. A bit pessimistic but my good luck is really abnormal.

So anyways, I have to go to bed so I can get the High Speed ferry to Skagway at 8am. Then Whitehorse. And hopefully pictures. God knows I have tonnes to post here.

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