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Thursday, October 26, 2006

A whirlwind week....full of meaning

I was speaking to someone at the ferry terminal. The ferry was delayed by an hour and a half. I was going on about how I couldn't find a cab and I didn't see the bus, I ended up walking. I thought i was going to be late. It was meant to be that way, reason being the ferry was late. It's true too. I do find meaning in the way events unravel before me.

The week as follows; picked up at the edge of Smithers by Tom, straight to Prince Rupert on Monday the 16th for a quick reorientation. A few days of walking around the shores, internet, business planning, errands. The ferry to the Haida Gwaii on Thursday the 19th, sore hip, the hike, the cabin, hitch-hiking, Premier Creek Hostel, almost got sea-sick coming back, more errands today, and tomorrow (the 26th) the Inside Passage of Alaska's Southeast coast to Juneau and Skagway.

So yes there are events taking place in there that to me related to one thing or another, where I could see the relationship and meaning. Tom was a young guy, I forget his age but married with two kids. Used to hitch all over BC here. He missed the lifestyle of being to up and travel around. He was very generous with his knowledge of the route we drove. Showed some of his scars from his grizzly bear mauling. I felt I was given a better understanding of the area I was revisiting. Because of his tour guidingness, I was able to walk down memory lane as we drove through town. I couldn't remember much about this place but he illustrated the things I could do while here. And I think that I may have inspired him with travelling again too.

I can't talk about the Haida Gwaii yet b/c that's where there seemed to be a conspiracy from the Soul Of The Universe to prevent, delay and shorten my trip there. I need some of the pictures and pictures of old too, MIKE!!!

Today I checked out the other hostel here in town. I had let my experience the first time taint my impression of the Pioneer Hostel. It was a dump seven years ago. A year late a new owner took over. It's beautiful now. I spoke with Olava(?), a twenty something managing the hostel while she attends college. She's been around for two winters now. She had some advice regarding things that would be done differently if they could. Ideas of how operations differ winter and summer. As a result, I was introduced to the idea of being a W.O.O.F. friendly hostel. I'd never thought of it but it's a good one. A place to stay in exchange for work done and maybe a small fee.

After all this, no major expanations about finding meaning, whatever. I need those pictures of Mike and I in the cabin seven years ago. I also need to talk about walking patiently being cleansing. I did a fair bit of that this week. My mind feels pretty clear, uncluttered. I have been working on my business ideas and process in my head. The Rock Hostel will happen.

Mike get me those pictures!!!! (his memory is like mine)

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