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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Hitchhikers Philosophy. Well, Mine Anyways.

If I watched television as much as I liked to as a kid, to the point when I would remember that certain shows were on, then I would say one of the best shows on TV now is My Name is Earl. The show where Earl (Jason Lee) won money and got hit by a car. He figured it was Karma getting him back, with the car. So to keep the money he has to right his wrongs. Correct his karma. Funny show.

Where was I going?? Oh ya, karma. I believe in it. The commoners version. I believe I have good bee karma. I rescue bees out of windows so they don't die and hopefully I don't get stung. Haven't for a long time too. I don't steal from people that I could steal from. Or any other harmful action. I am too afraid of what consequences I will get in return....karma.

I have to interject here before continuing. Something else really wierd happened too. After walking I don't know how far at this point, I was standing at my last spot in PG. I thought out loud, really tuned into my gut instincts, what my next rides were going to be. I don't know how my instincts work so well but they do. The only way to explain what is happening is for you to read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It's about listening to your heart, paying attention to the omens and following your dreams. So as I stood there, I wondered allowed what or who would be the next ride. As all these pickups were going by I thought that I would be picked up by another woman or someone in a minivan. A little while later I gave up on the current locale and started walking. I hadn't gone 100m when two native women stopped their little car. A ride out of the sprawling town of Prince George to Vanderhoof. I walked to the edge of Vanderhoof, ate my lunch and passed time by throwing stones at a drain grate in the ditch or pacing or playing in the sand. What can I say, there were no blackflies to keep me busy. It seemed as if the same vehicles kept going by, back and forth, in fact they were. Then a minivan pulled over. I remembered them passing just a few minutes prior. They had circled back around. They were only going a little ways up the road so I turned it down. So I had both women and the minivan. I sure am glad I didn't take it b/c of the next ride. My next thoughts were that turning down the ride was going to pay off big. To carry on now....

Hitch-hiking seems to work on similar principles. I hitched years ago. When I had a vehicle, I picked up riders. Once again, I'm on the recieving end. The people who pick up 9 times out of 10 are former hitchers, back in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Just returning the old favour. The VW'ers that picked me up, the driver, was a hitchhiker. I'd say of the 90's. Younger than I am for sure. I loved the van, too. I was laughing, fidgeting, all giddy like it was christmas and I was 7 years old again. I saw the VW van coming out of the distance leaving Vanderhoof, heading my way. I even thought of all VW vans that drove on by. So much for the 60's. This one stopped. I was blown away. A ride all the way to Smithers in a Westfalia. This now, as I write, seems like dream. But it did happen. Lucky for them they did pick me up. When we stopped for gas at the next town the van wouldn't start. The stories of VW's seemed to be prophecizingthemselves. It was the starter and I knew just what to do. After several attempts of bump starting I thought back to the hitting the starter with a wrench or hammer just hard enough to give it a jog. It worked. I needed a ride, they needed a solution. They needed a place to pull their camper, I had seen the sign to the campground. We celebrated our fortunes with dinner and wine, their treat. (Thanks again you two. Best sauce on Balsam....and Smithers).

I mentioned that I left them to sleep. It seemed the polite thing to do. To move on and let them enjoy their trip and I enjoy mine. But just for them some of what they missed that morning....For some reason I can't get some photos to upload. I have a couple of great shots of the sunrise, over the river we camped by. It was an amazing sunrise. At some point I will post it. Next time.

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