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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The missing pictures.

A view on the way to Prince George with the gentleman going to Quesnel.

After walking what was supposed to be one kilometre (after another and another and another, oh and a correctional facility). Who picks up hitchhikers in front of a prison???...Nobody!! and still several kilometres to go, in the rain even, but I am finally here.

After after a character building rest amongst the wild inner city foxes, skunks and other nocturnal creepy crawlies. Tonnes o' slugs. I digress, the next morning while walking.... Mmmmm, I think I go this way.

How much further? Are we there yet?

And finally I must touch on the great ride I did finally get from Vanderhoof to Smithers with (forgive me) Jean-Yves and Teagen from Whistler in their VW Westfalia. I will talk more about them and the ride later tonight. I wanted to take a picture of the van from the outside but in my early departure from the park I didn't. (I would have said goodbye to you both but you were still sleeping at 900am. I'm in Rupert now. If you can email me a picture of you and your van, I would like to post it here.)

I am having a little difficulty formatting so bear with me. If the story isn't making sense, let me know so I can clarify.

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