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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The nights are really long....

Really long. The sun sets at around, oh say 4:30ish. So you can get cabin fever. I've been close, that is close to driving Wendy into cabin fever. So on days where I don't walk the dogs for a couple of hours in daylight hours, we go for a night romp. Not Wendy and and the dogs! So the four of us, actually six of us went out to one of the nearby kettle lakes to run around in the deep powdery snow. Wendy took her skijoring gear and I brought the snowshoes for one of the girls to use. And now it's 9:13pm so we managed to stave off another long evenings winter boredom. It's just so nice outside.

This is Irie, hooked up to the skijoring equipment. I could get into this.

This is me and my friend Wilson. He's a hyper active dog, a bit of an attention span. "Hey, it's winter, there's heaps of fresh POW. Screw standing around for photo ops." But he would have been standing here if I could get him for long enough.

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