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Thursday, December 14, 2006

So what happened on the drive?

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked up in the Yukon or of my departure and drive to Ontario. It's a shame in some respects but I remember the beauty of it all. I went for a lot of dog walks. I'd be so amazed with the scenery both near and far and wish I'd brought my camera but pictures couldn't possibly do it justice. It was sad to leave Whitehorse. In fact, I still miss it there, three weeks later. When I arrived in Calgary, I was picked up by a college friend, Dave, where he and his wife, Cathy hosted my last night's stay in Alberta. I was afraid I wouldn't get to see them before I left. They are good people. After some commuting and waiting for insurance papers to come through I was able to get my "new" old van packed and ready to go. My rear license plate showing where I am coming from (Alberta) and my front plate showing where I am headed. The van was loaded. If I ended up with passengers, they would have had to sit on my lap. I don't know how I fit it all in before but this time there was even ess space. I barely managed to squeeze a spot for sleeping.

As for the drive, it seemed that I was more intent on messing with the camera than actually driving, from the number of photos I took. Mostly of how I couldn't see anything. It pretty much seemed like this the entire way. Until I got to Manitoba where there are some trees to break up the wind. All I could think is that if there was visibility, I was more likely to end up in the ditch. The prairies are more beautiful than you will hear most people admit. My favourite part of the drive and therefore most distracting. Distraction equals ditch. So I was a safe alert and paying attention for lack of anything else to do. It was in Swift Current, Saskatchewan that I got an oil change for fear that my van was going to die on me. She was, and still is, running quite rough. The tie rods are shot, the trannie is going, she needed a tune-up (which had just been done. There was, literally, dirt inside the fuel injection something or other. Not good) In Winnipeg, the HI allowed me to stop in have a cup o' soup and a shower before I continued on my way. Another reason I was glad to not have a passenger, I was getting smelly from sitting and sleeping in my van. I was in Thunder Bay the next afternoon. A quick little stop had to be made there for some fuel, some coffee and an alternator. Just the basics.
Now truly, I don't think that the guy a Canadian Tire was telling me the truth about my alternator but the choice was a) believe him and go through replacing it, making it less likely to break down or b) continue the drive to Wawa/Sault Ste. Marie and almost certainly break down a thousand miles from everywhere and thousands of dollars later. You can see the choice I made.

As for coming to a decision, I've decided to go to bed. Stay tuned for more. I will continue I promise. Although now that I'm in Ontario, it isn't all that exciting. The excitement comes in just over three months when I continue to Newfoundland. 'Til next time.

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